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Beijing News: Wuhan Disclosed Information on Unknown Viral Pneumonia

Beijing News recently reported that the Wuhan City Health Committee officially acknowledged the outbreak of an unknown type of pneumonia. As of 8 PM on January 3, the city confirmed 44 patients, of whom 11 were in serious condition. All confirmed patients are currently receiving treatment in isolated hospital zones. The government has traced 121 individuals who had close contact with the patients. The work of tracking down more people is still under way. As of now, no medical workers have been infected. A pathogen identification process is being conducted. Some common respiratory diseases, including flu, avian influenza and the adenovirus infection, have been ruled out. The outbreak is rumored to have started around a week ago. The Chinese central government and the Hubei provincial government have sent expert groups to the City of Wuhan. The disinfection process at the Huanan Seafood Place, where the outbreak originated, has started. Wider investigations of other spots have also started. The symptoms of this new unknown pneumonia are very similar to SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome), which had no cure and caused international panic in 2003.

(Editor’s note: Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei Province and has a population of 11 million. It is the largest transportation hub in central China. As of January 5, 58 patients were officially confirmed. Hong Kong has confirmed 14 patients.)

Source: Beijing News, January 3, 2020