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Guangming: Be on Guard Against the U.S.-trained Chinese

China should reconsider its practice of importing U.S.-trained Chinese, states a Guangming article. The article is critical of the practice of hiring U.S.-trained Chinese for corporate leadership positions in China, warning that there is no question that the U.S. can implant spies with titles such as president, senior consultant, or professor.

“No one can compete with the U.S. on this. If we let it be, our international recruitment would be inviting robbers into our homes. We would be handing over the critical positions that lead our economy to others.”

“Preventing sabotage by those talents is an issue that deserves special attention. … If we open the books of the history of our republic, when has the U.S. ever slacked off sabotaging us?”

Source: Guanming Observer, July 27, 2010