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LTN: Russians Faced Terrible Losses They Have Never Encountered

Well-known Taiwanese Newspaper Liberty Times Network (LTN) recently reported that the Russian invasion of Ukraine faced heavy resistance and suffered heavy losses. According to the Ukrainian intelligence agency, the Russian army has lost 31 battalion tactical groups (BTG) in the fighting. This kind of loss is something the Russian army has never encountered in the past. Up through the present, 18 Russian BTGs have lost their combat capabilities, and 13 have been completely destroyed. This means means that, within two weeks, a total of 31 BTGs have completely lost their combat capabilities . Although the BTG with artillery as the main body is very large in scale and firepower, it can give heavy blows to fixed enemy units. However, it lacks mobility. Logistics is also one of its weaknesses. Earlier, Forbes military reporter and expert David Axe emphasized that Ukraine has figured out the main weaknesses of typical BTGs, including weak flanks. Axe also said that, if the Ukrainian commander can mobilize enough troops to withstand the artillery fire, he can attack the weakest positions in the BTG defense, including the command post, intelligence units, and key support units and other BTG main battle force gathering areas.

Source: LTN, March 13, 2022