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Guangming Daily: Obama’s Speech is Worrisome to Humankind

Guangming Daily is a Chinese official newspaper geared toward intellectuals. Joining Beijing’s recent media campaign against the Western forces’ strikes on Libya, Guangming’s website published an article criticizing President Obama’s March 28 speech given at National Defense University. In provocative tones, the article, titled “Obama’s Speech is Worrisome to Humankind,” asks the Obama administration, “Who authorized you to play such a special role in global security? Does this special role mean using military force to bombard a sovereign country and kill innocent civilians?”

The author condemns the speech as “showing the ugly face of U.S. hegemony.” “The U.S. practice is extremely despicable, according to either the international community’s acknowledged rules or the common sense of human rights.”

Source: The Guangming Daily website, March 29, 2011