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80% Plus Young Chinese Use Internet, Survey Reports

According to a recent 2007 Survey on Internet Usage by Juveniles issued by China Youth Social Service Center (CYSSC), 85.6% of population between 9 and 16 has experiences of Internet. The proportion among urban young Chinese is close to 90%, while the figure in rural area is as high as 69.4%. 71.9% of those surveyed accessed Internet from home. 58.50% of the questioned claimed that they use Internet mainly for entertainment.

The survey, targeting 7,700 juveniles falling in the age group and their parents and teachers in 10 provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing, was conducted jointly by CYSSC, Youth Center under Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), and China Youth Political Academy between August and November of 2007.

Source: Xinhua, October 15, 2008