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Tightened Measures against Fraud on the College Entrance Exam Sparked Riot in China

Students and parents besieged proctors at a high school in Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province on June 8, 2013, because of tightened anti-cheating measures on the College Entrance Exam. The parents were protesting unjust treatment on the national college entrance exam, “Why is it that official’s children are allowed to cheat, but our children cannot cheat?” The proctors confiscated cell phones, set up wireless jammers that blocked cell phone and other signals, and frisked the students. Some male teachers were said to have "groped the girls’ chests.” The strict regulations angered many students and parents, who stormed the school after the exam ended. Several hundred students and their parents surrounded the school in protest, beating teachers, smashing the principal’s car, and ripping the school’s doors off their hinges. After the exam, a student’s parent beat the proctor who had confiscated that student’s cell phone.

Fraud on the College Entrance Examination is rampant in Zhongxiang and many places in China. Many of the local school officials, teachers, parents, and students are all involved in the fraud. Therefore, proctors from other cities were sent to Zhongxiang this year to tighten measures against cheating.

Source: China Gate, The Epoch Times, Education News, June 10 and June 19, 2013