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Military Hotline Attracts Attention in Meeting between China and South Korea’s Top Leaders

China’s head Hu Jintao and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak are meeting in Seoull on August 25. This is the third meeting in three months between the two countries’ heads. One particular topic that has attracted attention is whether the China-South Korea military hotline will make progress in the meeting so that the hotline will be opened before year’s end. It is anticipated that the implementation of the concept that China and South Korea be strategic partners will be discussed. Therefore the expectation that the military hotline [will open] also runs high.

Source:, August 25, 2008

Xinhua: U.S. Expansion of Air Force Base in Central Asia Puts Western China under Threat

Xinhua’s Global Times published a report today stating that the Northwestern region of Xinjiang is under U.S. threat due to the presence of a U.S. air force base in Kyrgyzstan’s Manas International Airport in its capital Bishkek. The article says, “It has never been heard of that a country’s capital airport be entered by a foreign country’s air force, civil and military planes sharing the same track. The author says that the U.S. hits three birds with one stone with the base: getting close to Russia’s soft part in the South; directly threatening China’s wester areas; and encroaching on Iran from another direction.

Source: Xinhua, August 5, 2008

“Taiwan Communist Party” Officially Formed

Taiwan Communist Party announced its establishment in Town of Xinghua in Tainan County on July 20. Taiwan Ministry of Interior issued its final approval last month. Huang Laoyang was elected as the Chairman by 70 party members. He has been seeking approvals of the Taiwan administration since 1984.

Source: Taiwan United Daily News, July 21, 2008

Hu Says China Prioritizes Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership Development in Foreign Relations

Hu met the visiting Russian Foreign Minister S. V. Lavrov on July 21, 2008, in the People’s Hall in Beijing. During the meeting, Hu expressed appreciation for Russia’s supports to China in the issues related to Taiwan, Tibet, and Beijing Olympics. Hu said that China always puts developing Sino-Russian strategic partnership in priority in China’s foreign relations work and hopes to further implement the various achieved agreements and consensuses between the two countries, deepen the strategic cooperation.

Source: People’s Daily, July 22, 2008

Beijing Olympics: China Asked Japan for Falun Gong Names, Japan Refused

Japan rejected China’s request for names of Falun Gong practitioners currently living in Japan, reported Kyodo News Service July 16. The request was made in connection with the security of the upcoming Olympics. Since it has a visa waiver program with Japan, China is concerned that Falun Gong adherents might enter China from Japan as tourists without applying for visas and peacefully protest during the games. Japan rejected the request citing protection of privacy.

Source: Epoch Times, July 18, 2008

Sanhedrin in Isr’l Confirms Killing of Falun Gong Adherents in China

Eleven judges of the re-established Sanhedrin, a body that aims to emulate the ancient Jewish Supreme Court reached a conclusion that according to available evidence Falun Gong members in China are indeed being persecuted and sent to detention camps, where they are killed and likely having their organs harvested and sold. Judge and Rabbi Meir Jaacov Halevy announced the conclusion on behalf of the Sanhedrin last week. The court also urged the Communist Party to respect ancient principles of respecting life and not killing.

The court accepted to hear the complaint in January 2007 which was brought forth by Falun Gong practitioners in Israel against the Chinese Communist regime. The Chinese embassy in Israel was invited but did not appear in court. Earlier its representatives attempted to pressure the court not to hear the case, saying that it might harm the relations between Israel and China. In 2004 the Sanhedrin appointed itself as an international Torah court.

Source: New Tang Dynasty TV, July 19, 2008
Falun Info Center, July  29, 2008  

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