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Confucius Institute to Land in U.S.’ Largest Community College

Wang Yongli has announced that Miami Dade College, the largest and most diverse community college in the U.S., with eight campuses and over 170,000 students from across the world, will host China’s Confucius Institute. Wang is the deputy director of Hanban, the Office of the Chinese Language Council International, an agency composed of government appointed officials in charge of the regime’s promotion of the Chinese language overseas. This move will help Chinese culture to extend into communities, and Wang says Hanban will supply Chinese teachers and Chinese sources, and sponsor China-related activities. 

Source: China Youth Daily, May 5, 2010,

CCCCP’s International Liaison Department Briefs Foreign Diplomats

On April 27, the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCCCP) held a briefing on the “Chinese Communist Party’s Inner Party Democracy Development,” attended by more than 40 diplomats from 30 European and American countries. 

After the Fourth Session of the 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the International Liaison Department has been holding briefings for foreign diplomats and journalists regarding the Party’s international activities, China’s political system, and the CCP’s governance. The briefings, according to the department, aim to strengthen the CCP’s external dissemination of the Party’s information. 
The International Liaison Department is a function of the CCP’s Central Committee that works with political parties of other countries, especially communist parties and left-wing parties. 
Source: Website of International Liaison Department, CCCCP.

Minister of Culture Reports on Disseminating China’s Culture Products Abroad

According to a People’s Daily article on April 28, at the Fourteenth Meeting of the Eleventh National People’s Congress in Beijing, the Minister of Culture, Cai Wu, reported on the ever-growing international influence of Chinese domestic culture products. 

“In 2009, about 426 performing groups presented 16,373 performances receiving revenue of approximately 76.85 million yuan. Overseas sales of China-made films amounted to 400 million U.S. dollars; exports of various types of television programs added up to more than 10,000 hours, totaling 58.98 million U.S. dollars in income. From January to November, China exported core culture products worth 9.4 billion U.S. dollars. The import and export ratio of copyrighted books dropped to 3.4:1 in 2009 from 9:1 in 2003. In the Frankfurt International Book Fair, China achieved 2,417 copyright transfers.” 

Source: People’s Daily, April 28, 2010

International Herald Leader: US Labeling Other Countries Again

The International Herald Leader, under Xinhua, recently published an article discussing the fact that Foreign Policy Magazine is now grouping Venezuela, Iran and Russia into a new acronym, “VIRUS.” Foreign Policy believes these countries are a threat to the U.S. and the entire order of the West.

The author of the International Herald Leader article suggested that the U.S. is fond of labeling other countries, such as the “Axis of Evil” label that the earlier administration came up with. However the author thought the U.S. is only pretending to have moral superiority because the label “Totalitarian Dictatorship” does not apply to Saudi Arabia and “Democratic Bridgehead” won’t apply to democratically elected Hamas. The article concluded that the labels may reflect U.S. policy directions, and that some of them are worth monitoring.

Source: Xinhua, April 22, 2010

Nigeria Recovered Its Broken Wings with Chinese Fighter Planes

Global Times quoted an article from the Nigeria Daily Sun newspaper on April 8, “Air Force Has Recovered Its ‘Broken Wings’ – Inaugurates Chinese Multi-Role Combat Aircraft.” It claimed that Nigeria has recovered its air force power after spending US$250 million to purchase fifteen F-7 fighter planes and armaments from China. The deal included twelve F-7NI single-seat fighters, three F-7NI double seat trainers, twenty live PL-9C air-to-air missiles, ten training PL-9 rounds, unguided rockets, and 250/500 kg bombs. Nigeria’s government approved the deal in 2005. China started training Nigerian pilots in 2008 and delivered the aircraft in 2009. China’s F-7 is a Chinese copy of the Russian Mig-21.

1. Global Times, April 9, 2010
2. Daily Sun, Nigeria, April 8, 2010

Boxun: China’s Investment in the Balkans is for Positioning itself in International Politics.

Boxun ( and, an independent online Chinese news source, published an article based on information from Associated Press on April 5, 2010, titled, “Europe Exclaimed: China Swept the Entire Eastern Europe with a Trump in Hand.”1

The article reported that “the Chinese government’s approach is very simple. It just starts from economic cooperation. The trump in hand is the money.”

The article further pointed out that “China’s investment in the Balkans is not for money but for positioning itself in international politics. China sends a strong signal to the world through (its involvement) in the Balkans that … China is no longer a regional power but a real world power. China is on the way towards world hegemony. The Balkans is only a geographical location on its schedule.”

1. Ed. Note: The original article from Associated Press could be found.

Source: Boxun, April 5, 2010