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Frequent Appearances of Former Prime Minister Suggests Rally behind Xi for the Upcoming 19th National Congress

According to an article in the Epoch Times, the recent frequent appearances of former prime minister Wen Jiabao suggests that Wen is trying to rally behind Xi for the upcoming 19th National Congress. The article reported that, on July 6, Wen was spotted visiting the China University of Geosciences. In April Wen went to Lu Liang of Shanxi Province. A couple of months later, in June, Xi Jinping also visited Lu Liang and a poverty stricken village in the region. Xi’s visit was interpreted as his using Wen’s political power to extend the influence of his new leadership. According to the article, Wen and former President Hu Jintao are considered Xi’s major allies. Wen assisted Xi in taking down a number of political opponents who are part of former President Jiang Zemin’s faction. Wen and Hu Jintao have often appeared in public during the critical timing when Xi took down members of Jiang’s faction during the campaign to combat corruption.

Source: Epoch Times, July 8, 2017

Noble Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Still Wishes to Leave China to Receive Medical Treatment Overseas

According to an article that Radio Free Asia (RFA) published, Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo is in critical condition because he has reached the late stage of liver cancer. Both Liu and his wife have continued to express their wishes to leave China to receive medical treatment overseas. Liu was sent to the hospital from Jinzhou prison where he was serving an 11 year jail sentence. Since June 7, he has been hospitalized at the First Hospital of China Medical University in the city of Shen Yang, Liaoning Province. On June 26, 2017, he was granted medical parole after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. The daily updates that the hospital has issued have never mentioned the family’s intent to have him seek treatment overseas. Based on an interview with RFA, a close friend of Liu’s wife told RFA that the official news release from Liu’s family has been strictly controlled by the officials; they could only say whatever the officials wanted them to say. The article also mentioned that Liu’s medical condition took a sharp turn in April after his wife disclosed the latest situation of his family members to him: his wife has been suffering from severe depression and her brother was sentenced to 11 years in jail.

Source: Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2017

Hong Kong Military Parade Soldiers Responded “Greetings, Chairman”

There was a change at the military parade in Hong Kong. When Xi Jinping greeted the parade block as “Greetings, Comrade,” the soldiers responded “Greetings, Chairman.” In the past, the Communist regime has always used the response of “Greetings, Leading Cadre.”

The soldiers’ new greeting to Xi in Chinese is “主席好.” “主席” can refer either to the title of Central Military Commission (CMC) Chairman or the title of President of China. Xi holds both titles.

Lianhe Zaobao gave two interpretations: One was that it showed that Xi had obtained absolute power over the military, so he preferred to be called by his title “Chairman” (of the CMC).

Another interpretation was that “Chairman” is much easier for Hong Kong people to accept than the term “Leading Cadre.” “Leading Cadre” is a word used in Party culture.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao, June 30, 2017

Apple Daily: Xi’s Visit to Hong Kong Showed Intense CCP In-Fighting

Xi Jinping’s visit to Hong Kong featured unprecedented security measures, including extremely tightened security controls, the Liaoning aircraft carrier’s visit to Hong Kong, and a last-minute decision on which hotel to use. Apple Daily commented that this is due to the Communist Party’s fierce in-fighting.

“The threat to Xi’s safety is, for sure, not from Hong Kong demonstrators, the non-existent Hong Kong separatists, or the overseas extreme religious or separatist forces. Rather, it is from the Communist Party’s power struggle.”

Reason one, for over a month, Liao Xiaobo had been diagnosed with late term liver cancer. The government had successfully hidden the information for so long but then let it leak two days before Xi’s visit to Hong Kong. It was similar to a setup for Hu Jintao when he visited Hong Kong in 2012.

Reason two was that the Xi had plans A and B for two hotels to stay at. It was not until the last minute that they decided to change hotels, creating great chaos for the media and the Hong Kong police. “This arrangement showed a distrust of the internal population rather than the outside people.” “This made people want to link to Li Keqiang’s visit to Beijing University in April where the officials sent divers to search the lake at the university and used a special car to deliver food to Li when he dined at the cafeteria.”

“This arrangement let the outside world realize that the Communist Party’s power struggle has come to the point of life or death for its leaders.”

Source: Apple Daily, July 1, 2017.

People’s Daily: We Should Build Our Own Discourse System on Democracy

The Chinese State’s media, People’s Daily published an article stressing the importance, now that China is getting stronger, of breaking the Western monopoly on the definition of democracy and establishing a Chinese communist democratic discourse system instead.

The article said, “For a long time, Western developed countries have monopolized the right to define democratic concepts, set democratic standards, interpret democratic theory and judge democratic disputes. Western theorists constantly use their discourse hegemony to package Western democracy, decorating it with a “universal” coating and portraying it as a global political standard so as to mislead the people of the world in their understanding and practice of democracy. Under the new situation, China is steadfastly walking its socialist political development path with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, China needs to deconstruct the Western democratic discourse hegemony, profoundly understand the absurdity of the definition of Western “democracy,” strive to build a socialist system of democratic discourse with Chinese characteristics, and reverse the passive situation of being ‘cursed’ by the West.”

“In recent years, with the development and expansion of China, the West continually creates a variety of public opinions that question, misinterpret, and slander China. In public opinion, the issue of democracy is often being used to create an attack target. In the face of the Western democratic discourse hegemony, we must dare to utter our voice, confidently expose the absurdity of Western democratic discourse, and then build a socialist democratic discourse system with Chinese characteristics. We should make it clear to people that Western democracy is only a local experience and knowledge that is built in the context of the specific historical and cultural background of the West. It is not a universal truth, nor is it a universal way to solve the problem of governing the country. The Western democratic model does not value as a ‘model’; it only has a reference value.”

Source: People’s Daily, June 30, 2017

Unpopular Social Commentator Removed from Distinguished Professor Position Two Days after his Appointment

According to an article published in Epoch Times, on June 22, Sima Nan, the unpopular leftist social commentator, posted an offer letter received from Renmin University to be a distinguished professor in its newly established China Painting Research Institute for a three-year term. The appointment soon received strong criticism and objections from the students, faculty members, and university alumni. The university withdrew the appointment letter two days later. The official notice that the university issued cited the reasons for the withdrawal as a loophole in its approval process. The article pointed out that the withdrawal of the offer from the University made Si the most short-lived distinguished professor.

It is a case that the public opinion worked in China, which has been rare to see in the past.

Epoch Times, June 25, 2017
Baidu, June 24, 2017

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