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Why Can’t Civilized People Attain Democracy?

[Editor’s Note: After China’s National People’s Congress finalized its decision to "control" who gets nominated to run in the election for the chief executive of Hong Kong in 2017, the people in Hong Kong went to the street to demand true universal suffrage. At first, it was known as the "Occupy Central" movement. The world looked on in amazement. Pro-democracy media supported the movement, while the pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media blamed the protesters for disrupting the social order and damaging Hong Kong’s economy. Diane Liu, an independent Chinese writer, discusses the maturity of the protesters and how civilized their actions are, as well as the lies and distortions that the CCP disseminates in order to defame them. A translation of her discussion follows.] [1]

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Qiushi on Universal Values

[Editor’s Note: Qiushi, a Communist China periodical on political theory, published an article criticizing "universal values" at the theoretical level. The article argued that "universal values" is just a fantasy term that the capitalists use to cover up the reality of the capitalist political and economic system, where money controls everything. It denounced the elite group in China that promotes "universal values" and declared that it is the most dangerous enemy of the Chinese people. The following is an excerpt from the article.] [1]

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Qiushi on Managing Intellectuals in Order to Control Their Understanding of Ideology

[Editor’s Note: Qiushi published an article on how to manage China’s intellectuals so that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can maintain firm control over people’s thoughts. The article suggested focusing on those intellectuals who are opinion-leaders and who are able to influence people’s viewpoints. It proposed establishing a good relationship with them, absorbing them into the Party, appealing to them with patriotism, or, if their viewpoints are the opposite of the Party’s, just taking them down. The following is a translation of excerpts from the article.] [1]

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Silent Contest II

[Editor’s Note: The PLA National Defense University recently created an educational video called “较量无声” (Silent Contest) on the behind-the-scenes battle between China and the United States. [1] General Liu Yazhou, Political Commissar of the military institution and son-in-law of former president Li Xiannian, produced the work. It postulated that the Soviet Union’s collapse was due to the U.S.’ “peaceful revolution.” Using that viewpoint to examine the Sino-U.S. relationship, the video concluded that, while the U.S. has maintained an outward appearance of warmth and peaceful cooperation, beneath the surface it has always been trying to destroy China, using the same methods it applied to the Soviet Union.

To support its premise, the video further outlined five areas in which the U.S. is undermining China: political infiltration, cultural infiltration, public opinion and ideological infiltration, organizational infiltration, and political interference and social infiltration.

Silent Contest circulated widely on the Internet in late October 2013, and began disappearing from Chinese websites on Thursday night, October 31, 2013. [2] Nevertheless, a number of media have commented on it. [3]

Please note that the source of a number of quotes in English could not be identified. Unless the original English source is indicated in the end notes, the quotes in the video are translated from the Chinese text in the video. The translation of the Prelude and Part I of the video have already been published and can be found on the Chinascope website at:

The following is a translation of Part II.]

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Dai Xu: The Only Type of Warfare That Could Destroy China

[Editor’s Note: Dai Xu, a renowned Chinese social commentator, who is President of the Marine Institute for Security and Cooperation, a Professor at the National Defense University, and Senior Colonel in the People’s Liberation Army Navy, wrote an article for Xinhua about the danger to China of information infiltration. Dai observed that an information war in Cyberspace is the only type of war that could destroy China.] [1]

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