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Chinese Scholar: China Should Reflect on Its Overall Strategic Direction

{Editor’s Note: The United Morning Post, a Singapore news media, published an article that Yu Zhi authored. Yu is a Professor of Economics at the, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Yu argued that the series of economic actions that the U.S. recently took against China are a result of China’s competing for the world’s leadership. Continue reading

Full Rebuttal in the Matter of the Divine Land Marching Band

{Editor’s Comment: In 2016, the Divine Land Marching Band, a group of Falun Gong practitioners, was scheduled to participate in the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Grand Parade. At the last minute, they were rejected from the parade. They signed a complaint of discrimination against the organizer, Sakura Matsuri, Inc. with the San Francisco Human Rights Commission

Case Name:            Rui Wang v. Sukura Natsuri, Inc.

Docket Number:  FY-17-12C-030

The Full Rebuttal to the allegations follows:}

Dear Respectful Rebecca Oyama,

Thank you for being an investigator on the matter between the Respondent and us.

As you can easily perceive, the two parties have discrepancies on what was said and done in regards to how the Respondent handled our applications to and participation in the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Grand Parade (NCCBFGP).

To prevent this matter from spiraling down into a “he said vs. he said” dispute, we will format our rebuttal into two parts. We will show in the “summary arguments” that the Respondent’s best effort of white-washing its disparate treatment of us not only in and of itself constitutes an admission of unfair treatment, but also cannot stand up to a cross examination of surrounding facts of the NCCBFGP. We will then make a point-to-point rebuttal of the Respondent’s response in the second part.

We will also provide a fact sheet and other supporting documents as reference material.

Thank you for your patience. Continue reading