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China and India Media Exchange Words over Nuclear Issues

Recently, Xinhua published several articles about India media’s attack on China. The issue seems to be originated from the conflict of both countries on the Nuclear Suppliers Group’s decision to lift the ban on India’s nuclear application for civil use. India believes that China is supporting India’s nuclear opponent Pakistan. On September 12, a Xinhua article says “India media again talk nonsense, saying giant China dragon is making people sick.” The article quoted words from Times of India “We can only know who is our true friend at difficult times” and India’s Economic Times “This disgusting giant dragon wants to get exchange for the mother of nuclear dissemination (Pakistan).”

Xinhua also published a few related articles: “India media vilifies that our army trespassed the border, talking about “China invasion;” ( “India says China is worried about India strengthening military force and forming ally with U.S.” (

Source: Xinhua, September 12, 2008