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Xinhua Lashes Out Against the Dalai Lama and US Congressman Wolf

Xinhua again criticized the Dalai Lama for advocating “Tibetan Independence” and Congressman Wolf in a September 30 article at its official website.  Xinhua stated that teaching Tibetans science classes in Chinese Mandarin enhances Tibet heritage, not as the Dalai Lama said, destroys the ancient, unique Tibetan language.  Moreover, by advocating Tibetan Independence, the Dalai Lama mixes politics and region, and is in violation of the principle of separation of powers adopted in democratic countries, said Xinhua.  Xinhua rebutted Congressman Wolf’s Congressional testimony which stated the building of Potala Palace Square destroyed Tibetan culture, citing his August 1997 trip to Tibet.

Source: Xinhua, September 30, 2008