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Global Times: South Korean Experts Suggested Restrictions for the Jeju Visa-Free System

Global Times recently reported that South Korean experts have suggested adding a Chinese Visitor Quota restriction to the current Jeju Visa-Free system. Jeju is a South Korean island that established a 30-day visa-free policy allowing the entry of people from a vast majority of the countries in the world. The policy has brought a large number of visitors to the island since 2002. Around 99 percent of the visitors are from China. However, in recent years, the crime rate involving Chinese visitors has suffered a rapid increase. At the same time, cases of illegally staying beyond the permitted period have increased as well. More and more people around South Korea are calling for placing restrictions on the visa-free policy. In addition to the quota restriction, the Jeju government has also planned to introduce tougher identity checks as well as the requirement, in some cases, of having local residents be escorts.

Source: Global Times, September 27, 2016