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Minister of National Defense: China Can Wipe out Any Enemy within First Island Chain

An article posted by an unnamed author on the forum of the Global Times, under the People’s Daily, discussed some insider knowledge about the North Korea Nuclear Crisis in 2003.

The article claimed that the Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie ordered over 100,000 combat troops to replace the Chinese North Korea border patrol police after obtaining intelligence of a US surgical operation to remove the current North Korean regime. Two more steps were taken: one on the South China front bordering Myanmar and one on the Japanese front by sending a submarine to the Tokyo Bay. Liang later boasted during a visit to the US, "China can wipe out any enemy within First Island Chain."

Source: Global Times Forum, April 16, 2009.

(Chinascope notes: The ultimate source of this article is unclear. Officially, the Chinese Defense Minister does not have the direct authority to move troops.)