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Hong Kong Sing Pao Daily: Huanqiu’s Notorious Actions

On October 13, 2016, one day after Huanqiu (Global Times) published its editorial against Hong Kong Sing Pao Daily, Sing Pao published an article listing its records of Huanqiu’s notorious actions. According to Sing Pao, Huanqiu is a newspaper of a Chinese Communist Party Central Committee organ. It seems that Huanqiu is an official media, but it is actually a political tool of Jiang Zemin’s faction.

“Zhang Dejiang (Chairman of China’s National People’s Congress), Liu Yunshan (China’s propaganda chief) and their faction always ‘politically discredit’ others and subject them to ‘personality murder.’” It is laughable that Huanqiu asserted that the boss and staff members of Sing Pao are close to Falun Gong (against whom Jiang Zemin initiated a brutal persecution in July 1999) just because Falun Gong applauded Sing Pao’s commentaries.

Huanqiu has a notorious record of publishing extreme left-wing articles, such as releasing the poll on “Using Military Force to Unite Taiwan” and “The Best Time to Occupy Taiwan with Military Force.” “The Internet Security and Information Leading Group Office of the CCP Central Committee announced that the Huanqiu Website (under Huanqiu) has seriously violated reporting discipline by repeatedly heightening sensitive incidents in the United States, North Korea, the South China Sea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Source: Hong Kong Sing Pao Daily, October 13, 2016