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CUHK Poll: Forty Percent of HK Residents Wish to Move Out

One of the most trusted Hong Kong polling organizations, HK Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), recently released the results of a scientific poll on emigration. The key finding of the survey was that around two-fifths (38.9 percent) of respondents indicated they would emigrate to other places if they got the chance. A further analysis to break down the tendency of emigration by age group or level of education indicated that younger people (aged 18-30: 57.0 percent) had a higher tendency to emigrate. More people with a college or above education (53.8 percent) indicated their intention to emigrate. The most preferred destinations, ranked by popularity, were Taiwan (16.3 percent), Australia (15.2 percent), and Canada (13.8 percent). The top motivating factors for emigration among those inclined to move were “dissatisfaction with the government and the high-ranking government officials” (11.0 percent), “overcrowded living conditions” (10.5 percent), “too much political disputing / social cleavage” (10.3 percent), and “slow economic growth or poor economic prospects” (10.3 percent).

Source: CUHK Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, October 11, 2016