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A New Bribery Record for Chinese Communist Official: over 300 million Yuan (~US$45 Million)

On October 21, in the Heilongjiang Province Intermediate People’s Court, Yu Tieyi, former Deputy General Manager for the Material Supply Subsidiary of Heilongjiang Long Coal Mining Holding Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Long Coal Group) was sentenced to death with a two-year suspension and life-term imprisonment for accepting bribes in the amount of 300 million yuan (~US$45 million).

This is by far the largest amount that the courts have ever found in any bribery case. Yu Tieyi, the recipient of 300 million yuan in bribes, has become the third government official to be imprisoned for a lifetime term, followed by Bai Enpei, former Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, (246.8 million yuan in bribes), and Wei Pengyuan, former Deputy Director of Coal Division of the National Energy Board (211.7 million yuan).

Yu Tieyi is a deputy department level official.

Source: Beijing News, October 22, 2016