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CNA: Pentagon Said Lenovo Products May Bring Network Hacking Risks

Taiwan’s primary news organization Central News Agency (CNA) recently reported, based on an article that appeared in the Washington Free Beacon, about the risks that may accompany the Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo. The J-2 Intelligence Directorate, which reports to the U.S. Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of Defense, issued an internal warning that the U.S. military officials responsible for network security were concerned that purchasing Lenovo computers and cell phones may increase the risk of bringing network attacks into the U.S. military systems. J-2 also warned that Lenovo has attempted to get into the U.S. military network via acquiring U.S. vendors in the information industry. One U.S. official mentioned that Lenovo products were caught earlier secretly sending information to external individuals. Lenovo (U.S.) spokesperson Ray Gorman said he was not aware that the Joint Chiefs were paying attention to this matter. The spokesperson for the Joint Chiefs, Greg Hicks, refused to comment on individual reports. The Pentagon said the Department of Defense does not have a black list of suppliers.

Sources: Central News Agency, October 24, 2016
Washington Free Beacon, October 24, 2016