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Henan to Enforce Governmental Reporting of Emergent Events

On November 17, Henan provincial government issues the Notice of Doing A Better Job Reporting Unanticipated Incidents. The Notice specified that when an unexpected event occurs in the future, local authorities ought to in the first time provide information in writing to the provincial Office of Emergency Management. If a written report is impossible due to special circumstances, do an oral report, followed up with a written report. If the first report is incomplete, a follow-up report is required.

The provincial Office of Emergency Management ought to timely report to relevant leadership officials in the provincial government. In case of urgent situations, the Office can simultaneously report to several relevant leaders; for major incidents, it must immediately report to key leaders.

It is reported that Henan Province will strictly implement the regulation by hold accountable personnel who cause damage or major consequences due to late report, underreport, or no report.

Source: Xinhua, November 19, 2008