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Xinhua: China’s Foreign Relations Entering Golden Stage

As part of the theme to celebrate the achievement of the open door policy adopted 30 years ago, Xinhua has been publishing a series of articles focused on the subject. On December 1, in its international section, Xinhua published a talk given by Wu Jianmin, a commentator for Xinhua, former Chinese ambassador to France and President of the China Foreign Affairs University who summarized the major changes that China’s foreign relations have gone through in the past 30 years ago.

Wu summarized the major changes in the following three areas: worldwide environment, policy adjustment, and the focus. He said that the world has transitioned from war and revolution towards an era of peaceful development. From 1949 to 1978, China’s foreign policy was focused on surviving the embargo from the western countries led by the US which was aimed at eliminating China. But since 1978, as China has adopted an open door policy and the Party has shifted its focus to economic development, there has been a need to maintain a good relationship with other countries. As a result, the guiding principle of foreign policy has changed to seeking the common ground with other countries. The focus of the policy has also shifted from fighting for survival towards building mutual cooperation since China has a need for it.

“Currently China’s foreign relations are entering a golden stage”, Wu said, “we have formed dynamic relationships with 172 countries that are the giants, neighboring countries, developing countries and maintained the multilateral foreign relations with them.”

Source: Xinhua, December 1, 2008