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Xi Jinping: The People May Overturn the Government If the Taiwan Independence Issue Is Not Handled

United Daily News (UDN), one of the primary Taiwanese news groups, recently reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered several unscripted messages during the summit with the visiting Taiwanese Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Hung Shiu-chu in Beijing. When Xi expressed his determination to counter the idea of an independent Taiwan, he advised that “the Chinese people would overturn the government” if the Communist Party did not handle this independence issue. Xi mentioned that both the Mainland and Taiwan share the same traditional Chinese culture and he had high confidence in this shared cultural background. He also said China is very proud of its economic growth in the recent decades and is willing to share the fruits of this growth with Taiwan. Xi mentioned the goal of eliminating poverty in the Mainland by 2020 and that the improvements in the people’s living conditions should be at the “Nobel Prize winning level.”

Source: United Daily News, November 2, 2016