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China’s State Media Angry at Sarkozy over His Meeting with Dalai Lama

China’s state media have reacted angrily to French President Sarkozy’s decision to meet Dalai Lama and have continuously published articles to attack and discredit Sarkozy recently. Below are a few examples:

A Hoax Damaging [Sarkozy’s] Political Reputation
December 7, 2008, from People’s Daily

Xinhua International Commentary: Unwise Move that Damages China-French Relations
December 7, 2008, from Xinhua

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: The Wrong Action of Meeting Dalai by French Leader Rudely Interfered with China’s Internal Affairs
December 7, 2008, from Xinhua

Sarkozy’s Political Show Is Overdone
December 8, 2008, from Guangzhou Daily