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People’s Daily: The Overall Framework of the China-U.S. Relationship Remains

People’s Daily published a commentary after Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential Election. The commentary started with the observation that the load on Trump’s shoulder is “not light,” especially when the U.S. and the world are undertaking “profound changes.” The author brought up and examined Trump’s “most concrete plan thus far,” which is the plan he outlined in his Gettysburg speech. However, the article pointed out that the new U.S. administration will still have to face challenges such as income gaps, a lack of social fairness, racial conflicts, and illegal immigration – just like before. The commentary expressed the belief that the overall relationship between China and the United States won’t change significantly, since it is in both sides’ “tangible interest” to maintain a “healthy relationship” between the world’s two largest economies. The author felt comfortable saying that there is already an “effective” framework for the two countries to work with each other and there is no reason to believe this “mature” model needs a major change.

Source: People’s Daily, November 10, 2016