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CCP Expands Party Membership to Private Businesses

Zhong Pingyao, Deputy Director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued requirements to the CCP party organizations at various levels of commercial businesses administration and private businesses association that they need to promote the CCP party work and expand party membership to private companies. The Party organization should be established in large private enterprises. For small companies, they should be pooled and served by the party organization established at the business owner’s association level or village/town level.

The statistics from the China Individual Laborers’ Association suggested that by the end of last year, there were 92,308 party branches established among private business owners’ associations, a 10.56 percent increase from the year before. Total party members at these party branches reached 1.96 million, out of which 329,500 are enterprise owners, 542,200 are small business owners and 1.088 millions are workers.

Source: Xinhua, July 2, 2009