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Duowei: Military Fiscal Power Quietly Changed Hands in China

In mid-November, China‘s top leader Xi Jinping attended the logistics support conference of the Central Military Commission.

According to public reports, in the two-day meeting that the Central Military Commission members and their major regional-level senior officials attended, Xi Jinping rolled out his plans to resolve the two major problems of the PLA logistics support system. One was the establishment of a modern logistics organizational model and mode of operation, in order to strengthen the centralized management of financial resources and to strengthen the centralized deployment of military assets. The other was to continue the anti-corruption campaign to the finish line, further cleaning up the Guo [Boxiong] and Xu [Caohou] remnants.

Neither Xi nor Xinhua explained the content of the so-called Joint Logistic Support System Reform. Xi did, however, reveal a clear signal – to break the monopoly on financial power that the General Logistics Department had, while establishing a clear unified deployment.

On September 13 of this year, the Communist Party of China suddenly announced the establishment of a logistics support unit under the Central Military Commission. This force does not belong to any military entity, but it will provide support for every military entity.

Source: Duowei, November 17, 2016