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Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice Replaced

On November 25, Beijing held the 31st meeting the 14th Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee in order to decide on the appointment or removal of key personnel.

The former Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Law Society (at the bureau level) Miao Lin was appointed as the Director of the Beijing Municipal Judicial Bureau. Yu Hongyuan no longer serves in the position of Director of the Municipal Justice Bureau as he has reached the age of 60-years-old.

[Editor’s note: In 2010, Yu was appointed as Party Secretary and Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, the First Political Commissar of the Beijing Prison Administration, and member of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Political and Legal Committee. Yu was the main figure in carrying out former Head of the Central Political and Legal Committee Zhou Yongkang’s persecution of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng.]

Source: New Beijing, November 25, 2016