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People’s Daily: Why Does the U.S. Face So Much Trouble?

On November 27, People’s Daily devoted an entire page to the publication of a series of articles on the overall issue of the fundamental problems the Unites States currently faces. Given the shocking outcome of the recent U.S. presidential election, Chinese political analysts identified some “in-depth” causes of today’s social problems in the United States. The top observation was the split in U.S. mainstream values. The so-called “founding values” such as democracy, freedom, and human rights were all challenged and were all questioned in the past election. The “game of the elite class” ignored the American people and even freedom of the press turned pale. Chinese analysts also found a significant lack of quality talent that could run the country efficiently. The government leadership as well as the mid-level teams can be described as “mediocre” at best. The analysts expressed their belief that the U.S. government demonstrated poor capabilities of execution, which included decision making, managing the economy, and even waging war. Most of Obama’s policies, both domestic and international, failed after spending trillions. One article in the series suggested that today’s U.S. is actually a combination of “two Americas,” which referred to one America which had realized the “American Dream”  and another America composed of people still struggling for life. Another author concluded that the entire Western social structure, which includes a democratic government, a free market, the rule of law, and civilized social relations, is falling apart.

Source: People’s Daily, November 27, 2016