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Explaining the Reason for the Military Parade

Open Magazine, a Hong Kong based publication, commented on China’s National Day Military Parade, “The military parade does not represent military training. It’s used to brag about ones military power and meant to demonstrate the power of the nation’s number one man. It also reminds the people that the rulers control a large force capable of crushing any internal turmoil.”

Radio Free Asia quoted expert opinions, which agree that China’s show of force is to intimidate its own people. “The weapons are at least ten or twenty years behind the Western countries. Therefore, the target is not Western nations, but the citizens of China, its own people. The intent is to show that the CCP has still a strong hold on the country’s resources despite so many troubles in Xingjian, Tibet, and so on. Internal affairs are what is of the most concern to the CCP. The intent is to maintain and uphold the communist regime.”

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