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The Global Times Editorials on North Korea’s Nuclear Issue

Over a period of time, Global Times has written a number of editorials which show a consistent response to the North Korea nuclear issue. The following are representative of that viewpoint:

• 社评:新制裁压向朝鲜,突破僵局不取决中国 11-30-2016
Breaking the Deadlock of North Korea Nuclear Issue Does Not Depend on China
• 社评:韩美日与朝鲜若要对撞,中国拦不住 09-20-2016
If Korea, U.S. and Japan collide with North Korea, China Can Not Stop
• 社评:朝鲜核试“中国应负责”是歪理邪说 09-12-2016
“That China Should Take Responsibility” for North Korea’s Nuclear Test Is Nonsense
• 社评:朝鲜核弹搅局够,战略威慑差得远 09-09-2016
North Korea’s Nuclear Test Can Achieve the Effect of Making Trouble But Is Far Away from Strategic Deterrence
• 社评:朝鲜提炼核武钚,请美韩多着着急吧 08-19-2016
North Korea Refines Plutonium for Nuclear Weapons; The U.S. and Korea Should Worry
• 社评:给制裁朝鲜获得成功留些时间 03-11-2016
Leave Extra Time for the Sanctions against North Korea to Succeed

Source: Global Times, March 11-November 30, 2016