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Chinese Education Minister: The Hostile Forces’ First Choice for Penetration Is the Education System

Chen Baosheng, China’s Education Minister, wrote an article discussing the ideological control the Chinese Communist Party maintains in the school education system in order to guard against the penetration of “hostile forces.” Below are some of the statements from the article:

“Ideological work is extremely important work for the [Chinese Communist] Party. On the education front, the ideological work is the core to strengthen the Party’s leadership in education.” “From the social point of view, many mistakes on ideological issues originate on the education front. … The education system is the forefront of the Party’s ideological work. The hostile forces’ top choice for penetration is also our education system, the school campus. The general secretary said that winning young people will win the future. The same is also true: to sabotage your future, the first step is to mess up your schools. The struggle is very intense in the forefront battlefield.”

“The educational front is the unique front of our Party’s ideological work. The status and role of this unique front in the ideological work is irreplaceable.  … The reason why the education front has such a unique, irreplaceable role in ideological work is that if a problem occurs, it is system wide and fatal. Therefore, in the ideological work of the education front, disruptive problems are not allowed to occur. This place is also where disruptive problems have the highest possibility of occurring.”

Source: Sina, December 10, 2016