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Sing Pao Daily News: Hong Kong Liaison Office Director Created Civil Associations in Order to Accumulate Wealth Illegally

On December 16, [Hong Kong] Sing Pao Daily News published an article revealing that Zhang Xiaoming, the Director of the Liaison Office, had established a large number of associations in order to perform “united front work” and used them for the illegal accumulation of wealth.

The article said that the Hong Kong people were very happy when they learned that Leung Chun-ying will no longer be running for the office of Chief Executive and were particularly happy when they realized that Zhang Xiaoming had been absent from at least four public events. They hope that Beijing will not let Zhang come back to Hong Kong any more, which would be their best Christmas gift.

The article revealed that, during Zhang’s tenure, the number of Hong Kong-based associations has soared, with at least 10 newly established associations last year, compared to just four in 2013.The article explained that Zhang established these associations for the purpose of doing united front work and to control elections, using the votes and support activities [that Beijing desired]. However, these associations also became the source he used for corruption and to collect money.

Source: Sing Pao Daily News, December 16, 2016