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China’s Anti-Corruption Scholars: One Party Rule Will not Necessarily Lead to Corruption

On October 13, Li Chenyan, Director of the Governance Research Center of Beijing University and Ren Jianming, Director of the Anti-Corruption and Governance Research Center of Tsinghua University hosted an online forum session on the topic of the party’s anti-corruption measures.

Both of them disagree with the opinions held by western scholars that one party rule is the cause of corruption in China. They referenced a number of countries in Asia which have serious corruption issues despite the democratic system and concluded that one party rule does not necessarily lead to corruption. Both of them, however, agree that the supervision and balancing of those in power is the key to controlling corruption. They think that as long as there is system for supervision and the development of democracy within the ruling party, the corruption issues can be solved.

Source: Huanqiu, October 13, 2009