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Chinese Ministry of Public Security Warns of Color Revolution in the Video, “Who Wants to Overthrow China the Most?”

In mid-December, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, on its official site, published a short video film of a microblog to remind the public to remain vigilant against a color revolution.

The video, titled, Who Wants to Overthrow China the Most?, lasts 7 minutes, 24 seconds with a brief caption on the narratives and background music. The video opens with the accusation that the ‘color revolution’ has successfully driven many countries into war and led to divisions; it warned that the devil’s claws have also stretched to China.

The video displayed footage of a series of demonstrations that rights activists from the Mainland held and showed multiple human rights lawyers being arrested and pleading guilty. The video criticized that some people try to stir up group events as a way to trigger a color revolution and they “use overseas NGOs to nurture ‘agents’ so as to create the social basis for a color revolution.”

A significant section in the video displays Hong Kong’s demonstrations over the past two years and claims that Hong Kong is a base for a “color revolution.”

At the ending, the video displays the captions that [China] should drive “color revolution out of China.” It also represents that this is a long-lasting war and that it is “everyone’s responsibility to resist the color revolution.”

The video was reposted on the official microblog sites of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, Qiushi magazine and other sites as well.

Source: Duowei, December 20, 2016