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Outlook: Communist Leaders Cognizant of a Crisis Disturbing the Party

The China News Agency republished an article from Outlook magazine, which claimed that China’s top party leaders signaled that the party construction effort is critical for the Party to stay in power. ["Party construction effort" is a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) term referring to party development and improvement. — Ed.]

The CPC’s Fourth Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee outlined several party construction actions to resolve the current quandaries. The quandaries were identified as “the most important and most dangerous” by the top leaders. Experts deduce that the specific wording indicates that the CPC is cognizant of the crisis.

One worrisome concern is that party members and cadres no longer believe in Marxism and have no confidence in the Chinese Representation of Socialism. Other issues include the party officials’ corruption, as well as problems with party discipline, the official selection process, and officials’ performance.

Source: China News Agency, October 19