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Qiushi: A Learning Oriented Marxist Political Party

A recent issue of Qiushi journal, the flagship publication of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, featured an article entitled “a major and pressing strategic task – on building a learning oriented Marxist political party.” 

The article mentioned that the Fourth Session of the 17th National Congress of CCP put the build-up of a "Learning oriented Marxist political party” as a high priority. “The world is undergoing a major development, transformation, and adjustment. In the face of the profound changes in the world, the country, and the party, our party can only maintain its advanced nature, become the backbone to rally people across the country to overcome all risks and tests, and lead the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics toward victory by emphasizing learning and being good at learning.”The term “Learning oriented Marxist political party” has been seen frequently in recent government papers. 
Source: Qiushi, March 13, 2010