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After Chinese Acquisition, a German Company’s Branch in China Released Waste Acid

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that, according to both Chinese criminal and civil courts, the Chinese branch of the famous German dyestuff and chemical manufacturer DyStar committed a crime when it released 2,698 tons of waste acid into a river without using the proper cleansing process. In 2010, China’s Zhejiang Longsheng Group acquired the DyStar Group. A Chinese management team then managed its Chinese Nanjing branch. In 2010, the branch stopped processing the waste acid. Instead, it subcontracted a third-party company to handle the waste; that company did not perform the job. The third-party company owner bribed the Chinese management team of DyStar Nanjing, who admitted participating in the destruction of physical evidence. After the courts ruled, the ultimate parent company, the Longsheng Group, hired a dedicated manager from outside China to upgrade the administration of pollution control.

Source: Sina, January 5, 2017