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Global Times: Shen Jinlong Promoted to Navy Commander

Global Times recently reported that Shen Jinlong was mentioned in Chinese Naval News as the Navy Commander. This means Wu Shengli is no longer the Navy Commander and Shen Jinlong was promoted to this position very recently. Shen was previously the Commander of the South China Sea Fleet. Other than some of China’s military founding generals, Shen is the first one promoted to Navy Commander directly from the position of fleet commander. Shen never had any experience in the Chinese military’s central command. However, Shen has been commanding the South China Sea Fleet during the period when the South China Sea has been the most heated region for potential conflicts among many countries. Shen also commanded the Joint Exercise of the three major fleets in July last year. Shen’s South Fleet confronted the United States Navy three times before and, not long ago, managed the incident of capturing the U.S. unmanned vessel. He was also the commander of the Chinese Fleet that participated in the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) that the United States led in Hawaii in 2014. That Fleet visited the U.S. San Diego Naval Base afterwards. Shen served as the president the Naval Academy of Commanding between 2011 and 2014. The Academy is the top academy of the Chinese Navy.

Source: Global Times, January 20, 2017