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RFI: CCP Politburo Might Have Conducted Declaration of Personal Assets Internally

Radio France International (RFI) recently published a report, sourced from the Hong Kong monthly news company Super Media, that Chinese leader Xi Jinping asked the members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Politburo to declare their personal and family assets as well as their marital situation. If true, this would be the first time in the CCP’s history that asset declaration in the top tier of the Party’s leadership was required. The requirements were very detailed and included real estate, bonds, stocks, and even cash. The exercise also included the members’ spouses. The declaration occurred in a full member meeting and Xi commented on each declaration as soon as the member finished the report. Xi also required the Politburo members to replicate the same exercise to the population that reports to them. However, the results of this round of asset declaration were not released to the public. In China, there has been extremely strong resistance on the issue of declaration of assets from those within the political system. China developed the plan to establish the Bill of Asset Declaration 20 years ago; yet today it is still pending The People’s Congress discussion.

Source: Radio France International, January 25, 2017