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Boxun: China’s Investment in the Balkans is for Positioning itself in International Politics.

Boxun ( and, an independent online Chinese news source, published an article based on information from Associated Press on April 5, 2010, titled, “Europe Exclaimed: China Swept the Entire Eastern Europe with a Trump in Hand.”1

The article reported that “the Chinese government’s approach is very simple. It just starts from economic cooperation. The trump in hand is the money.”

The article further pointed out that “China’s investment in the Balkans is not for money but for positioning itself in international politics. China sends a strong signal to the world through (its involvement) in the Balkans that … China is no longer a regional power but a real world power. China is on the way towards world hegemony. The Balkans is only a geographical location on its schedule.”

1. Ed. Note: The original article from Associated Press could be found.

Source: Boxun, April 5, 2010