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Xinhua: Why Does Xi Jinping Focus on a “Few Key People”?

Xi Jinping has been talking about focusing on “a few key people” to improve how his policies are carried out and to prevent corruption. According to Xinhua, the term “a few key people” mainly refers to the Politburo members.

In its article, Xinhua listed several speeches regarding the “few key people” that Xi has referenced since the 18th Party Congress (2012). It then commented (on how Xi) focuses on the Party’s Politburo members to set good examples.

Xi often says, “If a person himself is not righteous, how can he fix other people?” He views the members of the Party’s Central Committee, Politburo, and Politburo Standing Committee as the key. He said that if we can focus on them and make them good examples, many things will be easy to handle.

“Throughout Xi’s work on the ‘few key people,’ he has always demanded that the Politburo members meet the requirements.”

(Editor’s note: Since Xi Jinping continues his anti-corruption campaign, this may be a hint that Xi wants to fix some corruption cases at the level of Politburo members or higher.)

Source: Xinhua, February 20, 2017