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Duowei: China’s Ambitions behind the Djibouti Base

Duowei published a picture report, stating that China is building a military base in Djibouti, which will allow it to dispatch its military forces to anywhere in East Africa.

On the 36 hectares of desert that China rented from the Djibouti government, China has built many buildings. It is working on a helicopter landing site and roads.

“It eventually will become a navy logistic base for China, where PLA ships and helicopters can stop for service. It can also host 2,000 soldiers. It was said that the PLA marines will be stationed there to protect this base and also the nearby big oil field in South Sudan in which China has invested.”

China is building an electrified railroad to connect Djibouti and Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. It is also building a multi-function harbor and airport at Djibouti.

“As China makes investments in Africa, it also extends its military power to this land. … From the Djibouti base, China can send its army to any key point of East Africa via railroad. China is investing and building a network of railroads in Africa. That China achieved this is also due to the U.S.’ policy of ignoring Africa.”

“The Djibouti base is just an opening that China held in Africa. Consequently, China’s force will continually spread in Africa.”

Source: Duowei, February 12, 2017.