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To Prevent Violent Attacks, All Vehicles in the Bayheng Guo Leng Prefecture of Xinjiang Must Have Satellite Positioning System Installed

The Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Division of the Xinjiang Bayeng Guo Leng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture held a meeting on February 19. The Bureau then promulgated the requirement that the Beidou satellite positioning system shall be installed in all motor vehicles in the prefecture. It is believed that this initiative is aimed at preventing violent attacks in Xinjiang.

Starting on February 20, the whole prefecture will carry out a four-month long special work focused on installation of the Beidou positioning system in motor vehicles in order to comprehensively strengthen the control of vehicles. It is required that the installation work be completed before June 30 for key vehicles, large machinery, used cars, construction vehicles going into the city as well as all private cars and Party and government institution-owned vehicles. The installation is required in 100 percent of such vehicles.

The Associated Press noted that the Bayheng government website published a notice stating that “in recent years, the global terrorism situation has become increasingly serious; the car is the main means for the transportation of terrorists.” However, the news on the government website has since been removed.

Source: Ming Jing News, February 22, 2017