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Duowei: Why The World Looks to China Now?

A Duowei commentary stated that, as the Western countries are getting into more trouble, the world is looking to China for its leadership.

The article gave several reasons. First, China has become the second largest economy in the world. Second, China has made progress in improving its discourse power in the world economy. “It seems that China has sent a positive message to the world: ‘When the Western world, led by the U.S., no longer wants to uphold the banner of free trade, China will take over the banner.’” Third, China’s plans for world and regional economic development, such as its proposal of “one belt, one road” and the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, are attractive.

“To China, the world has placed a huge responsibility and pressure on it; but it also gives (China) a historical opportunity. When the Western world started to have a management crisis and lost its ability to circumvent China and when globalization ran into problems and needed some big countries to provide global offerings, China got the opportunity to expedite its peaceful rise.”

Source: Duowei, February 25, 2017