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Chinese Communist Party Engages 570 Political Parties in 160 Countries

At the press briefing of the CCP’s Central Committee, the spokesperson from the International Liaison Department, one of the 11 spokespersons from 11 agencies under the party’s Central Committee, showed up to talk to journalists, and confirmed that the CCP has been in contact and cooperation with more than 570 political parties or organizations in 160 countries around the world.

“The communication mechanism between us and political parties among the big powers such as Japan, Russia, India, Vietnam, and Brazil is set. We also signed certain inter-party dialog agreements with the UK, Germany, and France. With Russia, we have Dialogue Mechanism between the Ruling Parties of China and Russia. Not long ago, we invited political parties in Europe to a China-Europe High-Level Political Party Forum. We also held a High-Level Dialog with both parties in the U.S.”

Source:, June 30, 2010