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Beijing Expert: Weaken the U.S. by Taking Advantage of US-Europe Discord

China Review News recently republished an article by an expert from the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, Center for Strategic Studies. The article pointed out that the typical and wide use of the concept “The West,” which includes the United States, is a mistake. Taking the West as a strategic unity does not reflect the reality of the world’s structure. The author believes that, after the Cold War, the common enemy that the U.S. and Europe shared disappeared, and the U.S. pushed a new round of expansion. The recent EU debt crisis is also proof of the obvious U.S. intention of attacking the Euro. Even the recent U.S. military base conflict between the U.S. and Japan showed the deviation from the Japanese. The article suggested that the situation seems to offer a good opportunity for China to weaken U.S. power by taking advantage of any discord within “The West.”

Source: China Review News, July 2, 2010