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Beidaihe Retreat for Overseas Chinese Talent

Beidaihe, best known as China’s Camp David, is a retreat commonly used by the Party’s highest leadership each July to slip away from the summer heat of Beijing and to plan important strategies in the privacy that Beidaihe offers. 
In July, the Chinese Communist Party invited 70 some overseas Chinese experts to Beidaihe for a vacation. They are part of the “1000 Elite Program,” a government initiative to attract the world’s top overseas Chinese scholars, scientists, and corporate executives back to work for China. The Beidaihe retreat program started as early as 2001.
According to the Xinhua report, the experts said that while abroad they never experienced such courtesy, and that the Party and the government gave such great attention to overseas talent. It quoted one as saying, “We must use our knowledge and technology to make more contributions to national development, and to use practical action to show gratitude to the Party and the people.”
Source: Xinhua, July 28, 2010