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Xinhua: China to Set up Xiongan New Area Special Economic Zone in Hebei Province

Xinhua recently reported that the Central administration announced on April 1 that it will set up a new special economic zone in Hebei Province, 100 kilometer (62 miles) southwest of Beijing. It will be called the “Xiongan New Area” and will be situated in the region where Beijing, Tianjing, and Baoding are located. It will cover 100 square kilometers (25,000 acres) at the start of its development, grow to 200 square kilometers (49,000 acres) in the second phase, and 2,000 square kilometers (494,000 acres) in the final phase. According to Xinhua, Xi Jinping visited An Xing County in Hebei Province on February 23 and hosted a development planning forum during his visit. According to Radio Free Asia, Xiongan New Area will help to ease the population, transportation, and environmental stress in Beijing while promoting economic development in the inner provinces such as Hebei and Henan provinces. The Xiongan New Area will become the third special economic zone following the Shen Zhen special economic zone and the Pudong New Area in Shanghai.

Xinhua, April 1, 2017
Radio Free Asia, April 1, 2017