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China Celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Chinese Army Joining the Korean War

China held a high-profile celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Chinese army joining the Korean war. The Commemoration conference was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on October 25. Hu Jintao met with Korean War veterans prior to the conference. Xi Jinping, the newly-elected Vice Chairman of the CCP Central Military Commission, attended the meeting. Xi also gave a speech at the commemoration conference. In his speech, Xi paid tribute to the old CCP leaders, the North Korean government, and the USSR. Chinese media published articles to praise China’s achievements in the Korean war.

North Korea held a 30,000-person celebration in Pyongyang on October 25. Kim Jong-Il, King Jong-Un, and other top leaders attended the event. Guo Boxiong, the Vice Chairman of the CCP Central Military Commission, led a high-level PLA delegation to Pyongyang for the event.

Sources: Xinhua and Yangcheng Evening News, October 25, 2010