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Global Times: India Could Be the Winner in the Trade War between China and the U.S.

Global Times recently reported that the anticipated trade war between China and the United States has been discussed around the world as the source for warnings of global economic risks. However, India may have a different opinion. Some members of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Executive Committee recently expressed the belief that the U.S. threats to punish Chinese manufacturers may result in China’s need for India’s large domestic market. China’s need to maintain growth can actually provide India a new leverage to play in the regional strategic balance. China’s manufacturing advantage depends on large export markets. Since the United States may no long be there for China, the largest market in Asia for exports is India. In fact, in its relations with both China and the United States, India’s large domestic market can be an advantage. It seems a United States under protectionism can create more trouble for China than for India.

Source: Global Times, April 8, 2017