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Xinhua: Mainland Tourists to Taiwan will Exceed One Million

Yang Ruizong, Beijing Branch Director of the Taiwan Strait Travel and Tourism Association, recently estimated that the total number of Mainland tourists going to Taiwan would exceed one million by November 9, 2010. He also called for improving the quality and safety of tourism. Yang suggested that the number of tourists totaled 606,174 in 2009. If business groups were included, the total travelers reached 970,000 in 2009. By November 4, 2010, the number of tourists alone had already reached 978,660. According to the statistics of the Association, the most popular tourist destinations in 2009 included Taroko National Park, Chiufen, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan National Park, and Taipei National Palace Museum. Yang suggested that Taiwan very much welcomes Mainland tourists.

Source: Xinhua, November 8, 2010